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SANA 2015 Conference Registration

Registration is now live for the SANA 2015 Conference. Please register here.

Hotel information can be found in the red sidebar here. If you'd like to find a roommate for a hotel room, send an email to Michael Polson at and let him know if you have a room and need a roommate or don't have a room and need a room and a roommate. If you are short on funds and don't have lodging alternatives, contact the above email to be put on a "SANA Guest List" to be (potentially!) matched with a New York host. The ability to find a place for you depends on who is available to host and will likely mean accommodations a commuting distance from the conference.

Inequality, Equality, and Difference

Register for the SANA 2015 Conference at John Jay College in New York City here. If you plan on attending but are not presenting a paper, please contact with the name of the track you'd like to attend.

Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant 2014

In 2013, SANA introduced a new prize, the Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Award. Building on SANA’s history of support for those whose work and/or identities places them outside the disciplinary mainstream, this prize provides support for conference travel for the rapidly increasing number of scholars who labor in positions outside the tenure-track system.

Submission deadline: November 1, 2014

Find out how to apply for the Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant 2014 here.

SANA announces call for nominations for the Delmos Jones and Jagna Sharff memorial book award

The Delmos Jones and Jagna Sharf Memorial Prize for the Critical Study of North America is awarded every two years for a single or multiple authored book (not edited collections).

Wonder how to nominate a book? Read about it here.

The 113th AAA Annual Meetings

Call for Proposal Submissions

The Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA) invites your submissions for the American Anthropological Association’s 2014 Annual Meeting, to be held in Washington DC, December 3-7. This year’s theme is “Producing Anthropology.” SANA can contribute significantly to this meeting through submission of innovative and relevant research topics that cross sub-disciplines and engagement with the meeting’s theme as it relates to the North American context.

You can read more about submitting a proposal here.

Booksleeve - Tobacco Capitalism

The 112th AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago

2011-2012 SANA Book Prize announced

Prize winner: Tobacco Capitalism.
Honorable mention: Hound Pound Narrative

Read more about the this year’s prize winner and honorable mention here.

The 112th AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago

Dr. Lee Baker

Dr. Lee Baker

The 2013 SANA Prize for Distinguished Achievement in the Critical Study of North America was given to Dr. Lee Baker

The Committee States:

By tying the development of anthropological constructions of race to the social and political contexts that they both draw upon and alter, Dr. Baker has provided new understandings of both the dangers and possibilities of anthropology’s engagement with public discourse on race in the United States. In doing so, Dr. Baker has reconstructed our understandings of both the anthropology of race and racism and of American history overall: showing how social scientific debates over race, culture, biology, and racial assimilation impacted the civil rights movement, Dr. Baker has shed new light on both this chapter of American history and the development of contemporary discourses and debates.

Read SANA’s Past President Julian Brash’s full introduction here.

Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant

2013 Travel Grant Recipients Announced

Read about the Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant and the 2013 winners here.

The 112th AAA Annual Meeting in Chicago

Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant and St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grant

The Society for the Anthropology of North America announces two travel grants for travel to the 2013 AAA conference, titled “Future Publics, Current Engagements” on November 20th–24th in Chicago, IL. The two grants are the Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant, and the St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grant.

The committee will distribute one Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant of $500, and up to four St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grants of $500 each.

Please see the Travel Grants page to read more about how to apply for one or the other of the travel grants.

Travel grant:

Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant

The Society for the Anthropology of North America announces the inaugural Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant for independent scholars and contingent or community college faculty. Two awards ranging from $400-600 will be awarded for travel to the 2013 SANA Conference at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina on March 15-16, 2013.

Find out if you qualify, and learn how to apply here: Eleanor “Happy” Leacock Travel Grant.


SANA Book Prize 2010-2011 goes to The Accidental Slaveowner

Booksleeve - The Accidental SlaveownerFor single or multiple-authored books in anthropology published in 2010 and 2011, the prize for the latest round of submissions was awarded at the AAA Annual Meeting, November 14-18 2012, in San Francisco.

The winner was Mark Auslander’s The Accidental Slaveowner. Honorable mention went to Khiara M. Bridges’ Reproducing Race.

Read more about the winners here: SANA Book Prize


Dr. Michael Blakey awarded Distinguished Achievement Prize

Dr. Michael BlakeyThe 2012 SANA Prize for Distinguished Achievement in the Critical Study of North America was this year given to Dr. Michael Blakey. The Prize Commitee states:

[...] Dr. Blakey’s ability to combine scientific rigor with the critique and reconstruction of both the conceptual apparatus and social makeup of the fields in which he was worked is what really places him apart. Dr. Blakey not only excelled in his subfield, he reconstructed its theoretical underpinnings and social makeup. In doing so, he reconstructed the entirety of the anthropology of race in North America. And this scholarly legacy is matched by that of his prolonged public engagement with a subject that is contentious, emotional, and subject to profound misunderstanding.

Read the full statement here: Distinguished Achievement Prize

2013 SANA conference in Durham, North Carolina

St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grant

The Society for the Anthropology of North America announces the St. Clair Drake Student Travel Award for travel to the 2013 SANA conference, "Uncertain Futures," to be held in Durham, NC, March 14-16. The committee will distribute up to 4 awards of $500 each.

Find out if you qualify, and learn how to apply here: St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grant


“North America seems to be at something of an impasse. Many of political projects, cultural movements, social imaginaries, and economic developments that have structured life in Mexico, Canada and the United States seem to have lost energy, and seem to be moving forward because of inertia alone. Moreover, we might question whether the concepts that have been used to interrogate North American life during the recent past – neoliberalism, late capitalism, postindustrialism, whiteness, postracialism, privatization, virtualization, revanchism, and militarization, to mention a few – are adequate in the face of new realities. Finally, as teachers, researchers and intellectuals, we must contend with new limits and potentialities for the production of knowledge in the context of an academy in rapid flux.”

Read more about the 2013 SANA Conference here: Uncertain Futures

Halperin Memorial Fund

The Rhoda Halperin Memorial Fund celebrates the life and scholarly work of Rhoda Halperin by supporting PhD students in anthropology who emulate her love of economic anthropology and her concern for people living on the social margin. In memory of Rhoda’s convivial colleagueship, the Fund also encourages student professional development through participation in the scholarly meetings of the SEA and AAA. To meet these goals, students engaged in economic research focused on social exclusion and poverty are provided small research grants and subsequent travel money to present their findings at the Society for Economic Anthropology annual conference.

Read more about the fund, and how to apply here: Halperin Memorial Fund

Merging the Society for Economic Anthropology into the American Anthropological Association

The SANA board supports the incorporation of the Society for Economic Anthropology into the AAA.

AAA members can follow the following link to learn more about and vote on this matter:

San Francisco November 2012:

Neil Smith (1954-2012): A Celebration of his Life and Work

Free public event
Thursday, November 15 · 12:15 to 1:30 pm
San Francisco, Hilton Hotel
Union Square 15-16

Neil Smith Neil Smith was a teacher, activist, colleague, mentor, friend, geographer and anthropologist. His work on space, place, nature, and cities transformed the thinking of a generation of anthropology students, provoked comment and debate within the discipline, and helped us to connect across scholarly disciplines. Please join us in a celebration of his joyous spirit and extraordinary intellect.

For more information contact: Paige West, Julian Brash, Molly Doane, Jeff Maskovsky, or Tina Harris.

September 29, 2012

RIP Neil Smith

Photo of Neil Smith.As many of you may know, Neil Smith passed away in the early hours of Saturday, September 29. As is true for many members of SANA, for me this is a deeply personal loss, as Neil was my mentor, advisor and friend. But it is also a great loss for critical and politically engaged scholarship of North America. For many of us, Neil's brilliant and original insights into the way capitalism and power structured the production of space were profoundly important, even foundational. I know my own scholarship would not have been possible without Neil's before it. Moreover, Neil nurtured a generation of critical scholars of North America, including both anthropologists and non-anthropologists whose work has contributed much to our discipline. Neil engaged with political struggles of many sorts throughout his career, displaying an uncanny ability to translate his theoretical insights into the language of everyday politics and activism. Finally, Neil was a person of great generosity, good humor, and conviviality. In many ways, Neil typified the values of critical scholarship, political engagement, and generous mentorship that makes SANA what it is.

While plans to commemorate Neil soon be underway, for now please join me in offering condolences to Neil's family, colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

With deep sorrow,
Julian Brash
President, Society for the Anthropology of North America


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