The North American Anthropology Syllabus Project

Chair: Rachel Heiman

The SANA Syllabi Project is a work in progress. The links below are now active, though we are continuing to refine the content for syllabi. We welcome contributions from graduate and undergraduate courses incorporating anthropological perspectives on North America, its inhabitants, and their cultures and histories. Ideally, the webpage will grow over time, to become a resource and forum for interested scholars and teachers.

Please forward electronic versions of syllabi to Rachel Heiman.


Anthropology of the United States: Ideals and Inequalities, Conflict and Community

Latin America: Citizenship and Transnationalism, Hybridity and Inequality

“American Culture” – an Oxymoron?

Indigenous Peoples: American Indians and Indigenous Latin Americans

African-Americans: History and Culture

Migration and Immigration: Movements and Immobility

The Border

The Southwest

Race and Ethnicity

Urban and Sub-Urban: Politics, Policies, and Place

Political Economy: Labor, Life, and the Neoliberal

Citizenship, Democracy, and the Public Sphere

War and Militarization

The Media



Families and Households

The Environment

Language and Power


The Social Sciences