SANA North Americanist Bibliography

At the AAA 1997 meetings the SANA Graduate Student Caucus decided to develop a bibliography intended for graduate students as they prepare for comprehensive exams. It may also be useful for course preparation and beginning reading lists for post-doctoral scholars. We gathered bibliographies from graduate students and syllabi from professors. I (Jenell Williams Paris, Bethel College) compiled the lists into this bibliography.

This bibliography is not comprehensive. It includes the categories and citations which I received. So, for instance, sections on African-Americans and the Caribbean are fairly well developed, while sections on Asians and Latinos are fairly slim. There is no section for Native Americans in the United States, though I did receive a small section on Native Canadians. Also, a note that while most authors are trained as anthropologists, some are from other disciplines. I included geographers, historians, sociologists and others who are important to dialogue in a given area.

I think this bibliography will be best used as a guide for students entering the literature for the first time. It points to key works and key scholars in various areas, and if students use these citations as a guide, they will soon enter into a fuller scholarly conversation within their area.

I hope it is helpful! You are free to copy and distribute this bibliography. I welcome any comments.

Jenell Williams Paris (Student Board Member, SANA)
Bethel College, 3900 Bethel Dr., St. Paul, MN, 55112.


On Anthropology in the U.S.

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On Race/Ethnicity

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Medical Anthropology

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Class: Poor, Working Class

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Class: Middle, Upper

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Rethinking Family/Kinship

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Feminist Anthropology

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Gay/Lesbian Anthropology

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Cities and Suburbs

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Native Canadians

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